Forget fashion faux pas with Houndshill tips?

Be first with fashion and not arrested by the fashion police with Houndshill. Whether its high heels, frills or not to frill, straight leg, boot leg or long legs, we will be the first to tell you about what’s happening on the catwalks around the globe. London, New York and Milan may have their own glitzy Fashion Week’s but Blackpool’s finest shopping centre can bring you the latest trends and exciting news; from 80s-inspired power suits to ruffles… and everything in-between. So, what does summer 2017 look like? We’re glad you asked! Think pink for the season – the brighter the better – with fuchsia filtering down with big brands bringing out the brightness. Sleeves are another talking point for summer and not just long or short-sleeved.
We are talking ruffles, cropped, bunched, pretty much anything goes when it comes to sleeves. There’s a lot of likes from stripes this summer and in Blackpool we have tonnes of deckchairs so you can take your inspiration from the seaside and be as daring as you like with them. If making a statement is your thing, then using words on tops is trending as summer approaches. The return of the slogan is back, especially when it comes to feminist approach. You can not only like what you read but you can also wear it! Stay in touch with our news section for more fashion stories!