The Butterfly Effect


Be the change you want to see in the world.

Blackpool’s newest addition to its world famous Illuminations will give you wings!

The resort is displaying a unique butterfly mural where visitors can pose and help disadvantaged people across town.

Blackpool’s Fairness Commission has teamed up with San Diego-based artist Tasha Wahl whose Butterfly Effect has raised thousands for charities across the world. Miss Wahl’s Butterfly Effect movement promotes generosity in communities all over the world and is modelled on Edward Lorenz’s Butterfly Effect theory that even the softest flutter of a wing can set off a chain reaction which can amplify a major change.

The Fairness Commission was chosen due its work in the local community by encouraging acts of kindness and bringing people together to make Blackpool a kinder place to live and work.

Blackpool’s Illuminations department have been working on the design of the butterfly which will be installed so visitors can become the body of the insect and use social media to promote the aims of the movement.

Sponsored by Houndshill Shopping Centre in Blackpool.

Dr Arif Rajpura, chairman of Blackpool Fairness, said: “We are delighted to be the UK representative for this fantastic installation which we know will be a great addition to the Illuminations.

“Visitors love to see the Lights but they also like to be part of it and the Butterfly Effect gives people the chance to do this and spread the word of the movement and that of the aims of the Fairness Commission. I cannot wait to see it lighting up the resort.”

Councillor Gillian Campbell, Deputy Leader of Blackpool Council added, “This will be a fantastic addition to the Illuminations and a real focus for a photo opportunity for the millions who visit the Lights each year. What a great way to spread such a positive and emotive message.”

Debbs Lancelott, Houndshill Centre Manager "We are so pleased to see The Butterfly Effect come to Blackpool especially as it stands in the iconic Illuminations, it has been an amazing opportunity for the centre to be apart of such an inspirational project that has a positive message for the community"